Book Review – Lead With A Story


With companies like 3M are banning bullet points in favor of strategic narratives and Nike designating all senior executives “corporate storytellers” both online and offline marketing is undergoing tectonic shifts.

Paul Smith does a great job of detailing real life examples where creating a story has led to successes ranging in scale from low level business meetings to a 28 billion dollar acquisition for one company by Verizon.

The book goes into great detail of how boring presentations were turned around using narrative techniques. At the end of each chapter are is a summary and simple exercise to further drive the point home.

“People are naturally committed to their ideas than to your ideas. A story technique turns your ideas into their ideas,”

“If your sales presentation ends up in the trash can, you’d better have a good story. And sales presentations have a way of ending up in a trash can. A story will stick with the buyer far longer.”

“The purpose of putting surprise at the beginning of a story is to get your audience to pay attention.”

Overall, I found the book a great read. I’m looking forward to putting some of the lessons contained in this book to good use.

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